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KV Mechelen is too strong for AA Gent and takes the cup

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KV Mechelen has the geflikt: the Kakkers allowed himself for the second time in their history as winners of the Croky Cup. After a thrilling cup final against AA Gent was the 1-2 in the King baudouin stadium: Germán Mera made in the second half for the decision. KV Mechelen is, as the first resembled that of the Belgian cup wins since RRC Tournai, in 1956.

Few people had expected, but the troubled resembled Mechelen is the cup winner of 2019. Not even undeserved, it pulled out a 1-0 deficit quickly and survived, full of passion and fight each Ghent rush. AA Gent, that so many more moést, remains dazed behind and sees the European chances go up in smoke. But whether Malinwa now Europe in may, as decided by the disputes committee only after 26 may.

Then was the time pretty unhappy, so in the middle of Play-off 1. But that’s a cup final there always look like this: a sunny afternoon in may, the King baudouin stadium is completely packed with two enthusiastic supporterslegioenen – left of 21,000 men and women in a red-yellow sea, on the right ditto, in blue-and – white and two traditieclubs with the knife between the teeth.

Clean Teeth

It was for AA Gent, KV Mechelen wanted to be after all the misery about the matchfixing mostly Clean Teeth. What Mechelen above the head – degradation and with a win in the cup and a ban of Europe – was hardly notice on the Heizelvlakte. Where VAR Boucaut already his van came home with a big bag of Croky chips under the arm, if that, but good to be discussed.

The first fifteen minutes of the match was less fun. Ghent – with Kvilitaia and Dompé, Dejaegere remained on the ban – and KV Mechelen with the expected eleven started hesitant, exploratory qualities especially. An intense study tour at a slow pace so that only a breakthrough of Tainmont and a shot of David for excitement caused. But gradually laid Gent do his will, and found it easier Odjidja. The chance that the Ghent playmaker already head-long over lap was a goéie.

Goal after doeltrap that there was none

KV Mechelen answered immediately with a handsome, distant vrijschop of Storm through Kaminski in the corner. But not for ref Lambrechts, and that would be KV Mechelen acid breaking up. Because half a minute later he was on the other side of 1-0. The shots of Asare and Verstraete could still be allowed to creep in, that of Dompé. Immediately, the second bekerfinalegoal of the Frenchman, who, three years ago in the King baudouin stadium, which has also already scored for the Standard that when Club Brugge 2-1 knocked.

A big boost for the Buffalo of course, and the goal that the match needed. But KV Mechelen did so indeed his teeth: well, five minutes later pegelde Storm all at the end.

The match was now completely loose and was now the expectations of advance, where, with a heavy shot of Sorloth and then again, a great outbreak of Tainmont. Schoofs moved his teruglegger on Kaminski.

Smart switching

The resembled had in the first half are not immediately less shown than the PO1-team, but the rest seemed to be Gent to want to be pushing yourself. A knokkend Mechelen gave not, however, budge an inch and remained smart switch, with an excellent chance for Schoofs. A bit later actually start to climb when Mera for a lingering Kaminski a high vrijschop of Schoofs binnenkopte: 1-2.

All hands on deck for Ghent: Thorup switched immediately over to three men in the back, and brought with Dejaegere and Bezus more dash in. That last was withdrawn quickly with a delicious would have landed Odjidja for goalkeeper Verrips, but delivered with brio. It was the beginning of a Gent rush vanjewelste but there was no way to get through: every Malinois threw themselves just for every single ball. And if he did not, was uitblinder Verrips pal: not only are the save on the shot from Bezus was great.

In a stirring slot tried Gent everything, but the Townspeople were left with a bewonderswaardige passion afloat, substitute Tim Matthys did not even have a chance at 1-3. Ghent had to bend your head. KV Mechelen takes as resembled his second cup, after those of 1987. Malinwa is also the first resembled that of the cup wins since RRC Tournai, in 1956. A surprise voice. But for a European ticket, that they have not yet.

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