Humorous panelquiz Is there a doctor in the house? with Philippe Geubels

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From Thursday, may 2, presents Philippe Geubels Is there a doctor in the house?, a new humorous panelquiz about health. In Taboo proved to be Philippe already that he is not a single subject out of the way. Now he puts his teeth in one of the hot topics of this time: our health.

Every day we hear about the latest superfoods, detox diets and other miracle remedies. At the same time, we daily get conflicting messages about what is healthy and what is not. Sitting is the new smoking, red meat is the new asbestos, and saturated fat is the new plutonium. In Is there a doctor in the house? is Philippe together with four known panelgasten and an expert doctor in search of answers.

(Disclaimer: this program is not a substitute for a doctor’s visit. If you have any complaints about your health, always consult your doctor. Philippe Geubels is not a real doctor.)

A lot of people know: Philippe Geubels is a barrel full of dry humor. But few people know: Philippe Geubels is a walking medical encyclopaedia, thanks to his hypochondria. Some people are wild of film, Philippes passion is health. Some people know the script of The godfather from the outside, Philippe knows the full package insert of paracetamol from the outside. It makes him the ideal presenter for this program.

Because it was certainly the intention is that proper information is given, there is also effective a licensed doctor in the hall. This is a doctor Sofie Lemmens (°1984). She has a practice in Hove and is responsible for ensuring that there are no myths are told. Sofie graduated in 2012 as a general practitioner and combines her general practice with a position as attending physician at the department of Psychogeriatrie (elderly people with psychiatric problems) in Mortsel. Also at home there is no way to escape from the medical world: the doctor Sofie is married to a cardiologist. Together they have three young children.

Each week invites Philippe four well-known guests to see what they know about health. Among others, Erik Van Looy, Jan Jaap Van Der Wal, Maaike Cafmeyer, Tom Waes, Danira Boukhriss, Alex Agnew, Jens Dendoncker and many others spread their medical knowledge – or lack thereof – exhibited.

Oh A. Or B. Or C.: Warming up does Philippe, each with a multiple choice round. The panels get a few medical questions, each with three answer possibilities.

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