Hilde De Baerdemaeker open about depression

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We see her on tv and at parties, usually with a big smile on her face, but the actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker has also sometimes difficult moments. During the bedgeheimen of James Cooke told Hilde De Baerdemaeker for the first time on television about her depression. Hilde De Baerdemaeker is a successful actress, mostly she has sturdy rollers may drop in tv series and films, but the actress also has her emotions. “I am in real life, however, often with my mouth full of teeth,” says Hilde to James Cooke. Previously, it was Hilde is a very different person, especially as a child. “I was just a shy fart when I was little. Really, boy, very, very, very extremely even. My neighbor directed in the theatre, in Deinze and my mother had once said: ‘Come on, pick up that small of here.’ And that has me greatly do a burst. I dare all on scene. “

Hilde De Baerdemaeker is in her youth quite a few sweethearts. “I am a mannenverslindster been a little”, she admitted in Gert Late Night. As a young girl also had to Hilde her liefdesparcours conception and then there was sometimes a doubt about her sexual orientation sometimes comes to the top. “I once kissed a woman. But I am very sure that I fairly for the men.”

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