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Barcelona (read: Lionel Messi) will teach Liverpool a lesson, and with one and a half leg in the final Champions League

5c93e044d0e78fc1269445f23e243efc - Barcelona (read: Lionel Messi) will teach Liverpool a lesson, and with one and a half leg in the final Champions League

Barcelona, with one or one and a half leg – choose for yourself – in the final of the Champions League. Thank you – we are probably in repetition – Lionel Messi. The 31-year-old Argentine gave his team an (exaggerated) 3-0 victory with his 599ste and 600th goal.

‘Camp Nou? It’s just a football stadium, not a temple.’

That’s completely out of context way that they are pulled quote from Jürgen Klopp prior to the match. But who took care that the fans of Barcelona last night a veritable pandemonium of wanted to make. “Ready to colour Europe’, was the message of their huge tifo – in English, that of Liverpool, it certainly would understand.

Camp Nou is perhaps not a temple, but it is the past number of years, a oninneembaar fort. The Blaugrana was in his own house for 31 Champions League matches in a row unbeaten – no one did ever better. Lionel Messi was keen to there 32 pcs of make. But the visitors had not only the Argentinian fear. In the front walked with Coutinho and Suarez also two former Reds around. Start to it. Itself, they can also count on a deadly trio, only it was Firmino not completely fit, the Brazilian started on the bench. Mané and Salah had their two to dig, with being infiltrated by midfielders in support.

500th Barça goal

Liverpool started quite nice, but the rare kansjes were for the home team. Rakitic laid back instead of to kick, Messi took aim at the (against the body of a hanging arm of Matip, and Coutinho found compatriot Alisson on his way. After the first change of the match – Klopp brought Henderson for the injured Keita – was still touch. With a crafty cross put Jordi Alba four players on the wrong foot, and Suarez tapped equally cunning. The Uruguayan was on the kampioenenbal still dry and could finally cheer. All the more because he is after the four hundredth the five hundredth the Barça goal in this competition made. Only Real Madrid does better with 551 goals.

The equalizer was there for rest, not more, because on the other side, was walking in the area of the truth is always something wrong. Or was the ball just too low, either the pass is just too short, or it was just well defended, or they went into the sweater of Salah-almost – any other way to stop him sometimes not. Ah, yes, in a semi-final sanctify the goal to the means.

Knietje Suarez

After rest but? It had soon been possible. Liverpool came sharp out of the dressing room, and three times had To Increased the furniture save. The German goalkeeper, working on a top season but the Mannschaft is still second choice after Neuer, held twice Milner of a goal and pushed the sturdy scrubber of Salah is still in the corner. Ernesto Valverde felt that his team was struggling, and picked up as a defensive swap: Coutinho cleaned the place for defender Semedo. Not exactly the style of the house, but again: the end justifies the means. And thanks to that intervention got Barcelona again, with a little more control over the match.

A few extra hits were, of course, still welcome, still a second leg, at Anfield for the bow – there dares to ghosts. No problem, thought Messi, who have turbo turned on. He wanted an assist on Sergi Roberto, but the ball came through the knee of Suarez and the pole again for his own feet, and he tapped the 2-0 quietly within. No two without three, he decided, and no 599 without 600. Ten minutes before time, Messi is behind a vrijschop and curled he the doctrine wonderful beyond Alisson in the intersection. You read it right: it was his zeshonderdste (!) for Barcelona, and he’s still years ahead.

Books for Liverpool, thought the that as of re-opening when substitute Firmino and Salah reuzekansen got. But the first saw the ball of the line turned and the second to bounce back against the pole. Red Devil original production was of Klopp still some minutes in the hope that out of all people maybe the return could save, but unfortunately. The heavy figures remained on the board and it is aartsmoeilijk to put right. You need to realize that Messi is now also in the direction of number 700 will.

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