Bad luck for Family actresses

be38929d7f496dc9fdb19f7eb10b2632 - Bad luck for Family actresses

Bad luck for Margot Hallemans and Jasmine Hoof. Together, those two of a delightful, sunny holiday in Turkey. But Margot and Jasmijn are not allowed to sit in the sun to tan and there is a good reason for that. Jasmine clarified on Instagram why they with an umbrella, enjoy the sun. “That has to do with the fact that we in the Family are currently to the winter. We sit with the recordings a bit on what you have seen on tv. And it would be weird if we suddenly in the winter superbruin on tv.”

“For us to be episodes not necessary on one day, turned. So it may be that already a week ago, a part of an episode recorded in which we see and that not until next week, the remaining scenes will be included. So if we are brown, we are then on the one time white and another time brown,” smiles Jasmin.

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