Wife of Roel Vanderstukken had multiple miscarriages

ffefbd56f2c84b219a114bfeaf0f0170 - Wife of Roel Vanderstukken had multiple miscarriages

Roel Vanderstukken is this week in the weekly Story. And therein is particularly good news for the fans of Benny Coppens, the character that Roel Vanderstukken for almost 7 years. In the Story tells Roel that his contract with the Family for three more years and that means that Benny Coppens sure yet until, in 2012, in the soap will be shown. Currently, Roel Vanderstukken on the stage of ’t Clean Floor, a new stage production in Theater Elckerlyc to Antwerp. The last weeks were particularly busy for Roel because, in addition to the lectures and pictures of the Family, he was also in Antwerp, and expected for the rehearsals of ’t Clean Floor in which Roel until Sunday 19 may. Fortunately, they have Family around this time is always a week’s holiday and that is a nice bonus. It are busy times on the set of the soap because the season finale was the last few weeks included. Or an important role for Benny Coppens play? Will be in the next two months. Although Roel likes to be in the theater, the focus is still on television. “My share in the Family will be the same remain. All varies from period to period. Now it is a little quieter, but that is pure coincidence. Family gets absolute priority, also because theatre is not the large pot of fat is in terms of earnings,” says Roel in the Story.

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