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“Victory Bottas on Hamilton is revenge for last year”

6ffdcbfae8e532cfe3aba03e01e246d8 - "Victory Bottas on Hamilton is revenge for last year"

Valtteri Bottas succeeded Sunday with a one year delay in order to obtain the GP of Azerbaijan on his name. According to Mercedes-motorsportbaas Toto Wolff was his victory a nice revenge for what happened last year happened.

Last year seemed to Bottas on his way to the victory until he was all the way at the end of the race on the long straight piece about pieces of reed and a blowout got. Team-mate Lewis Hamilton went so suddenly with the victory walk while Bottas deeply disappointed lagged behind. This year, however, it was price for Bottas.

“This is surely revenge for last year,” said Toto Wolff. “There were fragments, but this is definitely revenge for him.”

Gift has Bottas it certainly doesn’t. The Fin had to be up at the end of the race to fight for his victory, Mercedes let both drivers, after all, full racing and issued. no teamorders.

“Absolutely. We have them only said to take it easy in the beginning, because we knew not, or the medium-band it would be a long sustain. At the end of the race they were free to race.”

“They did that, which is good,” said the Mercedes-motorsportbaas. “They might be both very good with pressure handling. That you can see because they made no errors. I hope they can sustain this until the end of the season.”

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