U.s. deputy minister of Justice offers resignation to

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The American deputy minister of Justice, and Rod Rosenstein has Monday his resignation presented to president Trump. He named in 2017 special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating the links between the Russian government and the campaign team of Donald Trump.

The departure of Rosenstein does not come as a surprise. He lives long been at odds with the president. His resignation was expected in march, but he remained longer in office to attorney general john Barr to assist in the publication of the report-Mueller.

The ministry of Justice wrote in a synthesis that no decision could be taken on the question of whether the president during the investigation of conspiracy, the court prevented. The entire document is 448 pages accuses Mueller of the president, but he calls him also not free.

Rosenstein emphasized in his resignation letter that he ” was so devoted to the values that make America great.” “We enforce the observance of the law without fear and without prejudice, as reliable evidence, not party politics colored and is not determined by opinion polls’, says the resigning deputy minister.

President Trump has deputy minister of Transport Jeffrey Rosen referred to as the successor of Rosenstein, that on may 11, stops.

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