Three minutes birdsong gets top charts United Kingdom

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A parody on The Beatles’ Abbey Road could not be missing in the campaign.

To the threat of hundreds of species of birds, composed the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) a piece of singing of different species of birds, and threw the middle of april on YouTube. “Let Nature Sing,” came out Tuesday on the eleventh place inside the Top 100 Singles Chart.

To celebrate his birthday with birdsong at dawn, introduced environmentalist and television presenter Chris Baines International Dawn Chorus Day. May 5, the weather so far, and that the RSPB is not aware of that.

The association asked Bill Barclay – musical director at Shakespeare’s Globe and the for a Mercury Prize elected folkmuzikant Sam Lee to a number, existing only from winged getjirp and roar. The intent? Again, awareness generation for threatened birds in the UK.

The United Kingdom lost since 1966, more than forty million birds. Also in Belgium, the situation is precarious, says Hendrik Moeremans Natuurpunt. “What are the United Kingdom, applies to a large extent also for Belgium. More than a third of the species in Belgium breed still shoots but a handful of animals.”

“Let Nature Sing,” contains the song of 25 different endangered species of birds in the UK, including that of the zomertortelduif, the cuckoo and the skylark. ‘The population of the skylark is, for example, with 95 percent’, regrets Moeremans. Previously provided the soundtrack of the countryside, now there is a silent spring.’


Nothing more restful than birdsong in the morning. From a study of two thousand respondents decided the internet company for data analysis YouGov that more than half birdsong prefer the day to start. 82 percent of the respondents find that the them a happy feeling.

Also according to Moeremans calls the time: ‘Of the zomertortel, there were quite a lot, but shrinking the number very quickly. We try as much as possible, to act with site specific measures, and the monitoring of the environment.’

Martin Harper, manager of the RSPB and driving force of the project, means there is a bittersweet feeling. ‘The response to ‘Let Nature Sing, ” carries the strong message that the nature is both beautiful and in danger.’

On the basis of the way the number is created, explains to Lee how we can make a difference: ‘The assembly went quite naturally. The birds all knew how, what and where to sing. Bill and I gave only what directives: not checked not, but observe and help. So it should be.’

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