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The Start of the process against KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren: “the rights of defense violated’

717998926279756a25e6f6a477492ee6 - The Start of the process against KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren: "the rights of defense violated’

Should KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren degrade after they last year tried the degradatiestrijd to manipulate? Bondsprocureur Kris Wagner progressed last week that penalty, today will start the process with the first session of the arbitration board Appeal.

The arbitration board wants the final phase of ‘Operation Clean Hands’ quickly. To the league next season not to compromise. This morning is a calendar agreed for the merits of the case: Sessions on 18, 20, 21, 25 , 27 and 28 may. Waasland-Beveren and KV Mechelen shall be responsible for attempted matchfixing.

Several lawyers had immediately understood that, according to them, much too fast, and therefore, the fundamental right to defense is being violated. They also complain that they have no access to the full criminal record of the federal public prosecutor’s office and say that the file of the bondsparket incomplete.

13 persons are available for the disputes committee:

– Olivier Somers (majority shareholder and board member of KV Mechelen)

– Johan Timmermans (ex-chairman KV Mechelen)

– Stefaan Vanroy (sports responsible KV Mechelen)

– Thierry Steemans (ex-financial director KV Mechelen)

– Dirk george chapman (chairman Waasland-Beveren)

– Olivier Swolfs (financial director Waasland-Beveren)

– Walter Clippeleyr (member of the board of Waasland-Beveren)

– Jozef Van Remoortel (vice-chairman and member of the board of Waasland-Beveren)

– Olivier Myny (spijtoptant; ex-player of Waasland-Beveren)

– Dejan Veljkovic (football agent)

– Evert Maeschalck (football agent)

– Walter Mortelmans (football agent)

– Thomas Troch (football agent)

They are during the procedure, assisted by a number of top lawyers: Joris Van Cauter, Kris Luyckx and Walter Van Steenbrugge. The lawyers of KV Mechelen-directors Somers and Steemans and ex-president Timmermans asked at the start of the session or they are behind closed doors, allowed to expire, but the president refused.

Re-read here all about how to KV Mechelen in the handle came from players ‘ agents, and his soul eventually sold to an attempt to matchfixing. The end of the attempt to matchfixing is known. On Sunday 11 march 2018 is the conscious game played. Despite a victory with 2-0 degrades KV Mechelen. And that’s because Eupen with an even bigger 4-0 victory against Mouscron miraculously conservation in 1A still could rescue. Three goals fell in the last quarter. About that second twedstrijd, Eupen-Mouscron, were in the phone tapping of ‘Operation Clean Hands’ is no concrete evidence of bribery is found. Eupen and Mouscron go unpunished. The bondsparket asks that their matchfixing file is listed without consequences’.

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