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Replaces the Netherlands, Spain on the F1 calendar?

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The netherlands would be next year on the F1 calendar to come and take the place of Spain, as message ‘’.

After some time I was quiet around the possible organization of a Dutch F1 race in 2020, everything seems to be now in a rapid to come. It looks, indeed, that we next year a Dutch Grand Prix at the circuit of Zandvoort.

A high-ranking source would be opposed to’ have to let you know that there is an agreement on a contract, but there’s still no signing occurred. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the GP of Spain are now of the F1 calendar to disappear and to be replaced by the Netherlands.

The current contract for the organisation of the race in Spain this season and the Spanish government has already let it be understood that they are not financially want to help him out. The sale of tickets for the Spanish F1 race is by the end of the Spanish two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso seriously backslidden. The annual ‘fee’ that the promoter should pay for the privilege of organizing the F1 race therefore appears to be insurmountable.

It was already clear that Liberty Media a any Dutch GP in may, would like to see continue, but now it appears that the Netherlands, Spain on the F1 calendar is likely to be replaced. That would immediately ensure that the Netherlands the first Western European race on the F1 calendar. Traditionally, introduce the teams, their first major package of updates and it is also the first race where they have their own motorhomes to bring.

For the time being, however wait for an official publication of the Netherlands on the F1 calendar. With the many Max verstappen fans would be that already a large party lead. The last time that in the Netherlands an F1 race took place was in 1985. Niki Lauda then won in a McLaren F1 car.

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