Play soccer against a robot, Can Anyone Still Follow?

67efc89b4f75dd986206c8784a633a9a - Play soccer against a robot, Can Anyone Still Follow?

Lieven Scheire will receive Tuesday night in a farm-fresh Can Everyone Still Follow? Rani De Coninck, according to the host, the flower of Medialaan, “and three men” where the make-up department still not even to want to start’: singer Tom Helsen comedy Wouter Deprez and Henk Rijckaert. And the atmosphere there immediately. The five focus on different gadgets that have not already will soon make our lives better, plezanter and cleaner to make, such as a sensor that indicates when babies, their diapers have filled up, an app that the content of chocolates to scan their taste to show a futuristic version of a ‘sjotterskast’ or in proper English: a tafelvoetbalrobot, which by the men to be tested. Who plays football better? The robot or FC Helsen-Rijckaert? Poor Henk Rijckaert besides, he has after the program something to make up with his wife. One of the innovations that Lieven him presents, makes for a unexpected and potential huwelijksbedreigende’ uitschuiver of Henk …

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