Partner Gert Verhulst chops knot

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Ellen Callebout, the partner of Gert Verhulst, has a difficult to bite the bullet: they will Gert no third baby gift. Actually, it was Gert Verhulst, who last year set the ball rolling brought by to ask if Ellen is a desire to nurture, he would not deny. There Was a third Verhulst-the son coming? “I’m not really asking, but look: if it would happen, that child is more than welcome,” said Gert Verhulst last year in All. But now Ellen itself, clarity scooped about her desire to have children…

Ellen Callebout reveals in the Story that they are too old feel to start a family. The partner of Gert is less than 41 years old but understands also that they are perfectly happy without children. “Gert and I have decided that there is no baby more. We have a nice life with our two and I will be there along with his children,” said Ellen in the Story. “I realize now that I was perfectly happy without.” Gert Verhulst has with Viktor, and Marie already has two children from a previous relationship and the band of his children with Ellen is always been good. But that there are no children more are in the pipeline is not to say that the couple have no plans for the future, cherishes…

Children there will be no more, but a marriage seems, however, to come. Even though Gert Verhulst are Ellen never officially proposed to. During a conversation at the breakfast table, it came suddenly: “we Could agree not to marry? Alas, yes,” replied Ellen. And so it was settled, laughs Ellen. “All that rubble fuss around it doesn’t for us,” says the West-Flemish clean in Humo.

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