Like father, like son in Heroes of Here: Through the Fire

873246ce6f20e5f19b1ef8968fc004b8 - Like father, like son in Heroes of Here: Through the Fire

The fire department is one big family. That may on Wednesday 1 may be taken literally in Heroes of Here: Through the Fire. Adjutant Charles Libot goes this year to retire, but follow-up is already insured. His son Peter taking over the reins as fireman. “Or our Pieter a good firefighter? I think so,” says Karel. “He is driven and very social. You can make a lot from the books to learn, but experience counts also. So he still has a little way to go (laughs).” Also Peter is full of praise about his father: “I got that from an early age, and seen and cherish the bond that we have. Of course, I am tremendously proud and I look up to him. What he in the meantime has performed in the corps… that is a very good learning experience.”

Adjutant Charles should immediately go out, when a clothes dryer is a entire basement and sets it afire. A large, black plume of smoke looking for her way out. During the evacuation of the house meet the firefighters, also a few animals that quickly had to be helped. If it turns out that the granddaughter of the residents still in the back of the garden, panic ensues.

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