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KV Mechelen gets the day for the cup final especially questions about the conduct of investigations: “Timing is not really ideal”

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A few hours after the end of the introductory session of the arbitration committee in an Appeal about the possible matchfixing at the end of last season was KV Mechelen-coach Wouter Vrancken some hundreds of meters away in the catacombs of the King baudouin stadium to talk to the press on the occasion of the cup final Wednesday against AA Gent.

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KAA Gent

01/05 14:30

KV Mechelen

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That is a historical event for the Townspeople, who for the first time in ten years again in a cup final and barely a year after the relegation to second class. Exactly 45 days ago insured Malinwa all of the sporting promotion to the Jupiler Pro League, but a condemnation in the football association could ensure that the club is in second class, it must stay and that they at any Bekerwinst Europe in may. Its almost kafkaesque situations, had also Vrancken admit. “The timing is not really ideal, no”, well-known the KVM coach. “There is something in the air, where we have no control.”

Yet fear not the Famous coach that the bondsprocedure a negative impact on his game group. “That first bomb in that file is cracked on 10 October, since then we have been constantly under that extrasportieve pressure performed. No player of ours has something to do with it. We focus on the field. My players have already shown that they are above it, now they have that one race you do. It is often underestimated the mental pressure that entails. I have a mature group: they relate well to each other and want for each other by the fire. I’ve had this season, no stars seen, just one team for the same purpose wants to go.”

“No extra motivation is needed”

Captain Seth, The White shall enter therein his coach. “Since October there are all kinds of scenarios and we as a group talked about. That all depends on above us, we can do nothing to change. For this contest, we have no extra motivation needed.”

Igor De Camargo trained with

21 players – eighteen players and three goalkeepers – explored previously the turf of the Brussels King baudouin stadium. When the Townspeople are Onur Kaya and Laurent Lemoine is suspended for the cup final, Jules Van Cleemput and Trova Boni are there due to injuries.

Igor De Camargo appeared Tuesday on the site. The former Red Devil ran in the heenwedstrijd of the final at the Proximus League against Beerschot Wilrijk a tear in the medial band of the left knee, and was several weeks outside of battle. The Belgian naturalized Brazilian, was the left knee, however, still firmly wrapped up in training, but the striker would be ready for the finals. In a practice game he did recently wedstrijdritme.

KVM played now already 46 days no contest with bet more since won the final of the Proximus League against Beerschot Wilrijk and came to the last few weeks only friendly to the bucket against the already degraded Lokeren and Thes Sport, the season’s revelation from the amateurreeksen.

Sporting champion of the second class

The latter resembled that in the final managed to achieve, was to Lommel in 2001. The former first division Team are picked up as are for the time being of any prize after a 1-0 victory. Malinwa is the sixth time in the final of the Cup of Belgium. That happened ten years ago for the last time. Then he took Racing Genk oppergaai to Limburg. KV Mechelen won the Cup once, in 1987, and was also in 1967, 1991 and 1992, runners-up. The Townspeople can write history, because there was only one time resembled the Cup win: in 1956 took Tournai of over the Verviers. In total, it is also only the sixth time that a resembled it to the final.

KVM is the sports champion of the second class, but do not currently agree on whether the next season in the Jupiler Pro League play and or the – with a win in the final against Ghent – Europe in may. The club is, after all, persecuted by the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) for possible match fixing at the end of last season. In that scenario, is Anderlecht on vinkenslag, because then it would be the ticket for the EL group stage to the number three in the JPL go and play the number five from Play-off I final against the winner of Play-off II for the last European ticket.

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