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HTC prefers to Start the new Smartphones with Wallet Coin Hero

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HTC prefers to Start the new Smartphones with Wallet

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Matthias Nemack –

While Samsung did not meet the User expectations last completely, HTC wants to introduce earlier than I thought for a second Blockchain Smartphone.

The Smartphone is expected to exceed previous with Extras

As the saying goes: The competition is not sleeping! After last it became known that the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, would, contrary to the previous messages, but not a Smartphone at the Start, which allows you to Store Bitcoin, according to the competitor HTC with a Bang this week. Note: a Wallet for Ether storage and the use of the Ethereum-typical ERC20-Token is quite on Board. Nevertheless, many potential users had more of Samsung’s model expected.

The manufacturer prefers to market aware of

In the autumn of the year 2018 HTC had made his announcements come true, and the model of the Exodus One in the trade is sent. When said terminal device, it had been the first Smartphone in its category, and was equipped from the factory with a Blockchain. It allows users to Store Bitcoin, but other digital currencies like Litecoin or Ethereum. The declared aim of this measure was to enable the User to manage its own data autonomously, and to save. Regardless of the actual Google Android operating system. Now the manufacturer is announcing that it is to give in the current year 2019 already a successor. This, in turn, should include not only a Blockchain, but also a crypto Wallet.

HTC crypto could win users for

HTC wants to offer with its new “Blockchain-Smartphone” even more Service. That there will be such a product, already and had been for a while announced. However, a market introduction in the coming year, it was speculated in the usual trade media. The company’s intention to bring forward the introduction, however, and is now planning this year. The actual functions should be with the predecessor, however, it will be in addition to a Wallet, and various other Extras. So messages from devices to be able to holders on a decentralised basis will be sent. HTC responds according to his own testimony to the great interest on the market for around the successful Exodus One.

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