Heidi Van Tielen is pregnant

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Need news on the radio this morning: Qmusic-dj Heidi Van Tielen is pregnant with her first child. “My husband and I are incredibly happy with this small wonder in my belly. It is so exciting to for the first time to be pregnant. We look plenty forward to a new life in the house, since the autumn,” said Heidi in the ochtendshow. They announced this morning that it was a boy.

Heidi told you immediately that she has decided to stop the ochtendshow and Qmusic at the end of June. “I work now for 11 years at the radio and I have this every day with heart and soul. I have now decided that this is the ideal moment for something new in my life. That is why I take with a warm heart and a lot of good memories for the summer say farewell to the ochtendshow and Qmusic.” What new projects Heidi is going to do, the future will show. “I’m going there the next 2 months especially is still very hard to enjoy to stand with the sweetest Q-listeners. We still see, however, what new projects there are on my path. Now full focus on the ‘project baby’”, filled Heidi is still smiling.

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