Do you do better than Koen Wauters in Beat VTM?

a6aa3298ea20b65362ba55f42846194c - Do you do better than Koen Wauters in Beat VTM?

VTM is looking for eight unknown Flemish people who want everything in a showdown with a known VTM-face for the brand-new, large-scale program Beat VTM. Blood, sweat and tears it will cost, because the known and the unknown faces 100 days in a totally new discipline to learn: a skill, a sport, a profession, etc. Everything is possible: from a hairdresser to a diver without bottles, of walker to the crane driver, you name it.

Challenger and bv be followed during their preparation and get coaching from the very best. After weeks of training the two for the whole of Flanders in a riveting match against each other. What can a man himself to learn in 100 days? Who stands out in the new discipline? And especially: do the unknown viewer was able to in a thrilling finale to the known VTM-head for the eyes of Flanders to defeat?

“Beat VTM is a unique project. Not only does it allow eight people to compete against a well-known VTM-face, also the people at home can fully sympathise: in the final confrontation, but also during the 100 days that they are in preparation. We are now looking for eight very varied disciplines, where known and unknown faces for going through the fire.” – Davy Parmentier, Creative Director

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