Coup against Maduro in the making

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The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has called for the ‘final stage’ to the country free. Guaido calls on the citizens and the army to support him and put an end to the reign of Maduro.

He does that in a video message, in which he is flanked by soldiers. It looks like a military coup against president Nicolas Maduro.

According to local media is Guaido located on the air base of La Carlota, and he calls the soldiers on to Maduro. Also the leader of the opposition Leopoldo Lopez is in the picture on the video, although he is under house arrest. “The national army has the correct decision and they rely on the support of the Venezuelan people,” said Guaido.

According to Spanish-language media have soldiers who Guaido and Lopez support, across the country different positions.

The Venezuelan Information minister Jorge Rodriguez said that Venezuela, a small group of military traitors’ head and ‘deactivate’. That group wanted to do a ‘coup against the constitution and the peace of the republic’ commit, the minister said on Twitter. The minister warns the population to be vigilant to the coup against to keep and preserve the peace.

Venezuelans start on the call of Guaido to the street. They chant ‘freedom!’ and ‘ask us not to disappoint!’, it appears from pictures on social media.

On 23 January called Guaido himself the interim president. Some fifty countries has put him in that position to be recognized. The opposition believes Maduro’s mandate has been extended by the election results falsified. Also find Guaido that Maduro is responsible for the heavy economic crisis in the country.

Maduro accuses Guaido in turn of a coup to want to commit with the help of the United States.guiado

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