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Zeux takes NEO into the payment Portfolio of App Coin Hero

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Zeux takes NEO into the payment Portfolio of the App

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Matthias Nemack –

Zeux expanded the variety of Coins for payments in the individual case again – this Time the choice has fallen in favour of the NEO.

Next monetary intake, within a few weeks

Just a month ago, since the British company informed Zeux, that customers can use the digital currency IOTA for payments in the ordinary course of trade. The Acquisition of the credits for the classic retail store on the App of the Start-ups based in London, was equally for the company as well as the currency is an important step, many Fans of the crypto currency with the most shots. Similarly, it is also the users of the currency NEO, which are in turn treated well by the service provider Zeux in the favourable position to use your favorite Coin from the second week of may 2019 for everyday payments outside of the digital world.

Pay with the Payment services of Apple, Samsung and Google

This is made possible by the mentioned Mobile App de Fintech provider in the UK. The application of combines, in turn, the digital currencies with the payment models, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and not least Google Pay. Wherever in the trade of an optional payment with one or more of these variants, the holder of the Zeux App provide now also by NEO payments. In the home Zeux one praises in the current opinion, among other things, that in the year 2014, the Community project Neo can make a positive contribution to the management of digital Assets within a gradually emerging “Smart Economy”.

More and more Coins are “real” for payments is ready to use

In addition to NEO, and IOTA also other crypto are of course currencies such as the Bitcoin for payments and normal Bank transactions via the App platform can be used. A digital Bank account, without transaction fees (and disbursements) in connection with a Wallet in the Standard Service of Zeux. Neither payments in Fiat money, digital currencies, cause at the Moment the cost. Convinced supporters of the so-called “Near Field Communication” in contactless payments now so even more to your cost, if you already trust the service provider Zeux. Each extension in the case of Zeux and comparable companies, makes a major contribution to bridging the gap between the real and the digital world of Finance. Because banks are increasingly recognizing the possibilities.

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