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Tuesday starts procedureslag about the possible matchfixing in Belgian football, with the first (public) session, timing does eyebrows frown

9f91786afaa0d27471454b27449d32b4 - Tuesday starts procedureslag about the possible matchfixing in Belgian football, with the first (public) session, timing does eyebrows frown

The lawyers of KV Mechelen, Waasland-Beveren and thirteen other suspects are dinsdagvoormiddag on the federal building in Brussels, expected for the first part of what a procedureslag about possible match fixing is likely to be. The complaints board of Appeal of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), inform the parties how the procedure will occur and what parties at what times, for the disciplinary authority to be expected.

The Dispute Appeal must rely on heavy sanctions for clubs, KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren, who are suspected of an attempted match fixing during the degradatiestrijd of last season. Bondsprocureur Kris Wagner demands degradatiestraffen and a start at 1B with disabilities, spread over two periods of time for Mechelen (-12 points) and Waasland-Beveren (- 6 points). Malinwa is risking next season, no European and bekervoetbal to be allowed to play. Except the clubs are still thirteen other players, including eight directors, three brokers and former Beveren player Olivier Myny, persecuted by the Bondsparket. They risk suspensions to a maximum of 10 years, some of them are likely also permanently banned from the Belgian football world.

Public (but not required)

The seat barrel dinsdagvoormiddag to 10.30 am and is open to the public. It is for the persons called upon, however, not required to be present to sign, sets belgian football association spokesman Pierre Cornez. It is therefore not inconceivable that, for example, Dejan Veljkovic, who as a real estate agent not connected with the bond, his cat send. That has Tuesday have little impact, since the merits of the case, only later to be dealt with.

The complaints board of Appeal consisting of three judges, there will be in consultation with the lawyers, directors and brokers the calendar to capture. The past few days and weeks, a strong affection, mediaproces, so there are a lot of reputable lawyers make their appearance. So will Johnny Maeschalck the defense of Waasland-Beveren, Sven Demeulemeester represents KV Mechelen.

Intervening party

Finally, it is also the perfect time for an intervening party to sign. The complicated case is, after all, consequences for other clubs. In the first place for Sporting Lokeren and Beerschot Wilrijk, that the places of Waasland-Beveren and KV Mechelen in 1A can take. Beerschot Wilrijk reported to the disputes committee HB to as a voluntary intervening party, Lokeren are considering to do the same.

And also for Tubize rest there is still a glimmer of hope on an extended stay in 1B. The belgian football association is arguing that a decision falls to 30 June 2019, when the leaderboards are permanently closed and the reeksindelingen defined. Only has the belgian football association, the entire process into their own hands. There may still appeal to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS), and KV Mechelen shielded also been with the idea to bring the case before a judge. The Pro League will see it with sadness, because there is pure chaos and a lot of reputation damage.

Timing does eyebrows frown

Also about the timing of this first session of the Dispute Appeal was much to do. Wednesday play KV Mechelen, after all, the cup final in Brussels against AA Gent. That the agenda of the meetings a day before prepared, and the preparation of Malinwa, therefore, could disrupt, also within the federal building, the eyebrows frown. Especially since the belgian football association yourself, the organizer of the Croky Cup and his own competition slightly affects.

While in the “Glass House” debates about the matchfixingdossier be opened, practice and KV Mechelen (from 13u45) and AA Gent (from 15u40) a hundred yards away in the King baudouin stadium. Out of fear for repercussions of Mechelen supporters took the belgian football association already preventive safety measures.

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