Tuesday night in Successful Flemish entrepreneurs abroad

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In episode 2 of the Successful Flemish entrepreneurs abroad entrepreneur Pierre Pringiers in Sri Lanka, one of his luxecatamarans to water. Since a few years, the bandenmagnaat focused on the sector of the luxury travel short list in the country. The move of such a huge catamaran from the shipyard to the sea, happening across the narrow roads of the country. A feat, because a boat of more than half a million euros per piece must be with great caution to move. The boss is there and coordinates the operation with a tight hand.

Alexander Decock is on its 28th all the way to the creation in Chile. Together with a friend, he wanted a 3-many years ago something started in the zonnepanelensector. After some research turned out to Chile, a market that was not yet fully exploited. The two participated in a startup competition, organized by the Chilean government. They won the contest, received 30,000 euros, and that was the beginning of the company Solcor. Today runs Alexander the company only. He has 40 people in service and continues to grow. One of the customers of Solcor is the presidential palace in the capital Santiago. The roof is filled with solar panels from the West-Flanders.

On Lombok the Limburg hotelier Anja Baecken looking for new activities that its customers want to offer. So she visits, among others, a zeeschildpaddenkwekerij, unique on the island and certainly an added value for families with children.

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