Trump did all ten thousand incorrect statements as president

c360933156c8d74846f31eab5247cbf0 - Trump did all ten thousand incorrect statements as president

The factcheckers of the American newspaper Washington Post keep track at how often president Donald Trump, inaccurate or misleading statements. According to them, the counter at more than 10,000, since he was a little more than two years ago, the president of the United States.

Washington Post keeps been around since the beginning of Trumps tenure at how often the president a statement which is untrue or misleading. From that count it appears that Trump this past Friday, the cape of the ten thousand erroneous statements, has achieved, so is Monday announced.

According to that newspaper sin Trump is also increasingly often erroneous statements. He was 601 days for the cape of the 5,000 to reach, which equates to eight factual inaccuracies per day. But then he had hardly 226 days for that number to double. That means that in that seven-month period with an average of 22 times a day a false or misleading assertion of Trump, it was noted.

That higher rate is a result of some large campagnebijeenkomsten that Trump did in the run-up to the parliamentary elections of november. But also some recent media performances carry according to the newspaper, to the ‘tsunami of lies’. Last Thursday, during an interview by the conservative station Fox News, was the truth according to the factcheckers still 45 times, violence.

The factcheckers of Washington, already a few years busy with the checking of public statements. The newspaper also shared the ‘pinocchio’s’, which indicate to what extent a judgment error. The biggest untruths to get four pinocchio’s.

Specially designed for Trump was at the end of last year, a new category is introduced: the ‘bottomless pinocchio’. Awarded for statements with three or four pinocchio’s, which is at least twenty times were repeated. Meanwhile, 21-bottomless pinocchio’s awarded to the president.

In February had Trump during a meeting in El Paso (Texas) factcheckers still described as ‘some of the most dishonest people in the media’.

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