Trains Russia white whales to fishermen?

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Norwegian experts are convinced that the Russian navy a beluga whale (white whale), and trains and as a weapon bet. A Norwegian fishing boat was last week attacked by a beluga whale with a special harness, in which ‘material of Saint-Petersburg ” to read. Moreover, it is not an isolated incident.

Fishermen in waters around the small Norwegian fishing village of Inga run, were last week rocked by a beluga whale that their boats are attacked. “We would like our fishing trip, when we suddenly a beluga whale between our boats saw swim’, says visser Joar Hesten at the Norwegian news site NRK. “When it got closer, we saw that it is a type of armor carried.’

It was last week, incidentally, not that one incident with a beluga whale along the Norwegian coast. Also other fishermen were frightened by the aggressive animal. “It always seeks boats and people out, and then begins at the boat to rogues, to try ropes of the boat to break free’, according to Hesten. “But as soon as the ship is not moving, the animal’s quiet and tame.’

The strange behavior of the beluga whale, and, of course, also the fact that it is a later harness carries that designed seems to be for a camera or a weapon to mount, experts suspect that the animal is a military training would have been in neighboring Russia. Not only the tension between the two countries in recent years, moreover, would be in the harness around the beluga whale the heading “material of Saint-Petersburg”.

Russian navy

“If the beluga whale from Russia, and there are many indications in that direction, then it seems not trained to have been by Russian scientists, but rather by the navy,” says Martin Biuw of the Institute for Marine Research in Norway at NRK. “That armor is in every case, people put.’

“We know that the Russians trained whales in captivity, keeping, and also that some of them released again. They are looking for than boats, ” adds Audun Rikardsen, a professor of Marine Research of the university of Tromsø there. From public documents of the Russian government shows that the ministry of Defence in 2016 as a 21.000 euro counted down for five dolphins. Rikardsen: ‘The beluga whale is in any case not trained by Norwegian scientists.’

Military marine mammals

In the eighties the former Soviet Union already has a military training of dolphins, know The Guardian still. By their razor-sharp eyesight, their speed and good memory’ turned out to be very suitable for under water weapons to find.

That program was discontinued in the nineties. The Russian ministry of Defence made in 2017, however, known that the navy again, beluga whale, seals and dolphins a military training gave. The beluga whale would be trained to marinebasissen to watch the seals and dolphins would then be used for conveying material for divers and sunken mines, and ammunition to detect.

Earlier this month promised Russia to almost a hundred beluga whale and orcas, which are already months gevangengehouden in the vicinity of Vladivostok, to be free.

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