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The battle for Winterfell: what we say to the god of death?

94a4658a33d434971d730b4042e8b847 - The battle for Winterfell: what we say to the god of death?

Winterfell is ready to have the fight with the dead. Like this, Unsullied and Westerosi are side by side. Even the long-forgotten wolf of Jon, Ghost is there. But is that enough to be a dodenleger to be able to stop?

Spoiler alert: this article is best not to read if you don’t want to know who will be in the third episode, all dies.

The dead have little in a hurry and take their time to take the castle by storm. It seems to take forever, but then looms the Red Lady, Melisandre, from the dark. They put the swords of the Other, literally, in fire and flame. The fight breaks loose when the Other screaming and with flaming swords the darkness to withdraw. It Is finally time for that longest fight scene from the television history?

Ser Davos sees the return of Melisandre with sadness, but yet the ports for the priestess. He has her in the death of Shireen Baratheon is still not forgiven, but when she says she the morning still will not pick up, leave Davos her passing.

The water between Dany and Jon is still deep. The queen doesn’t listen more to the advice of Jon, if he says that they should wait for the Night King. She rides on her dragon to her troops to help in the fight against the dead. A moment later we see Jon on the back of a dragon. But we should not forget that the Night King now also a dragon, one that is actually ice cream can spit. Viserion makes Dany a challenge. Her lost son makes for a ijsstorm, making them the castle is not found, and loses itself in the clouds.

‘Stick ‘em with the pointy end’

On the battlefield it is hard against hard, and Sam lays there a few times almost dead, at down. Then he does was he does best: run away. And the rest will follow. The living do not long stand against the killing, and they have to retreat into the castle.

The army is the trenches but not on fire, the last major defense mechanism to kill off the castle keep. Melissandre cry out to her God of Light once again, and with a few spells, cross them for a second time the quantity of in flames. Just in time for Dany the way to Winterfell.

Sansa is Arya to the crypt sent, but first she gives her a knife of drakenglas. ‘Stick them with the pointy end’, is the answer to the question of what to do with it. In the crypt is a sad atmosphere. Tyrion and Sansa musing that they might be better married, had remained, a thought that Missandei quickly to an end.

Unequal battle

Despite the many measures taken to achieve the kill then the castle of Winterfell. Arya is still but let’s see what they can, and with the new weapon that Gendry for her she seems well on the way to the dodenleger in her own the boss. But a dead giant throws a spanner in the works. That not only does it cut the Lady Lyanna Mormont out of the way, Arya goes against the ground. That gives Sandor Clegane, that the battle already had given up, suddenly brave enough to fight back. Lady Mormont is the first main character we see die in this war, but not for them personally a giant with him to the grave.

Arya escapes the castle, between the kill, but can not escape it. Clegane and Beric Dondarrion save her from a sure death, but the rescue attempt means the end of the (sixth) life of Dondarrion. Ultimately, it is Melisandre that Arya back courage by speaking. “What we say to the god of the dead?’, asked Melissandre. ‘Not today’, says Arya. That turns out to be a wise lesson.


Meanwhile, Jon and Dany are still looking for the missing drakenbroertje. That culminates finally in a battle with the Night King of dragon falls. Not to rap, cheer, killer, he can’t be by his fall.

Fortunately, Daenerys, the Night King, flooding it with fire, but even that can’t stop. The fire has no effect on the Night King. Does that mean that he was in a previous life as a Targaryan?

If fire breath does not help, Jon the job done but get it done. He walks behind the Night King, but was better first sluipcursus been with Arya. As soon as the Night King to give notice, he does with a simple snap of a new dodenleger get up. Our favorite characters like Lyanna Mormont and the Other begin, along with all the other fallen fighters, in their fight against Jon Snow.

It is, of course, who else, Dany who is Jon from the penarie rescue with a well aimed shot fire breath. That cost her almost her own life, to Jorah come to her rescue. She takes the time for himself, a sword in hand to protect themselves from the dead. Jorah saves his queen, himself, he remains behind on the battlefield. After Lyanna dies, also Jorah, and so is the House Mormont until his end.

The battle for Bran

Meanwhile, the White Walkers and the Night King arrived at Bran. Theon Greyjoy is the last that between Bran and the death is responsible, but not for long. Are not so impressive attack on the life of the Night King is unsuccessful. He dies by his hand.

Again rest all hope on Jon, who does everything he can to be on time for Bran to get. He let Sam and Brienne in difficulty, but are not hit over the ijsspuwende dragon. The Night King seizes all his sword when a soft breeze, the calm disturbs.

It is Arya that Bran, and humanity, from the nothing saves of the Night King. His strength is nothing against her speed, and her dagger is offered for the end of the battle. As Jon predicted, the death of the Night King sure that his followers also die.

What we say to the god of death? Not today. But Melisandre decides that it is time to go. She throws the ruby that her life held on the ground, and the priestess is willing to meet his death.

The last season of Game of thrones will be aired on Play by Telenet.

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