Spain opts for dialogue

Spain opts for dialogue

In the Spanish parliamentary elections, the parties in the centre won. On the right side, despite the advent of Vox, serious blows.

The Spanish outgoing prime minister Pedro Sánchez has guessed: the voter has the social-democrats will be rewarded for the policy that during the past eight months have been. Last night, when almost ninety per cent of the vote was counted, it turned out that his party, the PSOE, there are no fewer than 37 seats progressed. She comes with the left party Unidas Podemos twelve seats short of a majority in the parliament.

The campaign was completely in the character of the Catalan question. The three parties on the right – Ciudadanos, Partido Popular, and the radical-right party Vox preached an unprecedented fidelity to the Spanish flag, and promised the voters to hard to act against the Catalan separatists. Last night they had together, with about half the votes counted, 23 seats less than in the previous term. Although Vox, that for the first time in national elections came up, seats won, it seems that many Spaniards are not so happy about the rigid course that the right-wing parties had announced. The PSOE has in her own but 24 seats less earned than all the right-wing parties together.

Coalition on left

The question is with whom Sánchez in the sea will go on, because his party has no majority in the parliament. The time that governments from one party were formed, it is gone for good, because the political landscape had changed so much. Spain is, however, not yet so much changed that the glass wall between left and right has disappeared. There is also a large gap between the three parties representing the unionist card is drawn, and the two left parties for dialogue with Catalonia have called.
Possible Spain will for the first time be governed by a left coalition. During the campaign, had the left Unidas Podemos said that it is a pact with the PSOE wanted to close. Last night proved that the PSOE and the Unidas Podemos together, not a majority.

Dissatisfaction unionists

Maybe counting Sánchez on the support of the left-wing separatist Catalan ERC, that of all the separatist parties are the most compromisbereid seems. He would be the god of all unionists in his country on the neck pick up, because he – yet again – collaborates with separatists. Such a covenant would be there, however, can lead to that there is maybe a solution can be found for the contentious Catalan question.

Spain opts for dialogue

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