Sasha & Davy-be-released new album

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It goes excellently with Sasha & Davy. Not only private, but also on a musical level. When the inseparable couple in 2012 extracted with their first album with the appropriate name of ‘Inseparable’, it went fast. The albums followed each other at a fast pace (“We are one”, “La vita é bella”, “Live and laugh” and “In the jukebox’). The last album, where Davy Gilles for the first time to hear was the guitar and which one is an ode brought to the golden sixties was apparently their best selling album to date. Sasha & Davy are so hard-working artists, because in between acts Davy is still about 200 times per year with The Romeo’s! In January, they were also seen with their family in the VTM-programme “Greetings From” with An Lemmens. The program took to 600,000 viewers and was therefore properly in the Top 10 of best viewed programs. And now there is again a brand-new Dutch-language album, ” Radio.” This number will also toepassellijk the new Radio-single, after already 2 previous successful singles ‘Keep the faith’ and ‘waste of time’. Radio 2 is already completely and gives Sasha & Davy at each and every single one earned a place in the A-playlist.

‘Radio’ by Sasha & Davy appears on may 31, 2019 under the label of CNR Flemish Stars. You can your copy here already order.

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