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‘Remember, Samson is also to stop’

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In 2020, Gert Verhulst farewell of his character ‘Gertje’ in ‘Samson & Gert’. Danny Verbiest (73), the spiritual father of Samson, thinking about it for the talking dog is also on a pension. That’s what he says in the podcast of VRT ‘Akkerdjie’.

A worthy replacement for Gert is very difficult, according to Verbiest. “I remember to Samson to stop. If we further think about it, it will probably also be the only possible solution. Do worse than in the past, or to stall, we do not want, and do better is very difficult. Maybe that’s impossible, ” says Verbiest. Gert Verhulst announced upon his retirement, however, that they have ‘big plans’ for Samson.

He has full understanding for the decision of Gert Verhulst to stop. “I was in his place, done the same,” says Verbiest. “They have given me no permission asked, but that should not at all. Only if I really don’t agree with a decision about Samson, I have the power of veto. I immediately felt it was a good decision of Gert to “Samson & Gert” to stop.”

Verbiest sold fifteen years ago its share in Studio 100, but is still half owner of the brand ‘Samson & Gert’.

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