Reinhilde Decleir saw black snow

ea917079bb32d0708ef6d66af79b02f2 - Reinhilde Decleir saw black snow

Reinhilde Decleir says in The Morning that for years and years black saw snow. It is only in the last ten years that they have known more and more earned. At that time it was Of Flesh and Blood that changed everything. “I remember when Tom Van Dyck called me: I had to go and would come directly, they had me. I believed him at first. I really thought of: what is dees for geslijm? Such a gestoef! But it seemed sincere. And then I thought: tiens, they know me here anyway. By Of flesh and blood, I also have new commands. But it is, of course, it’s all a bit late. I’m never busy. I don’t have my own house. If I was alone with my pension to pay would have to live, well…”

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