Puigdemont should not participate in European elections

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Carles Puigdemont, the deposed Catalan prime minister to Belgium has fled, may not take part in the European elections. That has the Spanish election commission decides.

The Spanish electoral commission considers it an objection that Puigdemont has failed to register as a Spanish citizen who is abroad, has established.

The decision of the election commission is also true for the two other Catalan politicians residing in Belgium, in particular, Clara Ponsatí, and Tons Comín.

A month and a half ago announced Puigdemont that he is a candidate for wanted to put to the European Parliament on the list of Junts per Cat (JuntsxCat). When all were questions whether that was possible, because he would take to Spain must go to register. The Spanish election committee let us know that a politician according to the electoral law in the Spanish parliament in himself faithfulness to the constitution, must swear in for his European mandate.

Puigdemont is in Spain, wanted for rebellion. He risks 25 years in prison. That was for the right-wing parties in Spain, the Partido Popular, and Ciudadanos, a reason for the Spanish electoral commission to enable it.

According to JuntsxCat want the Spanish kiesautoriteiten Puigdemont and his two followers ‘silenced’. Puigdemont had normal the list drawn by the party.

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