Leader emerges for the first time in five years on in the video and mentions fallen Belgian

Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of terrorist group Islamic State, is, for the first time in five years to see again in a video. That is reported by the SITE Intelligence Group, an organization which focuses on jihadist websites. The images were on Monday released by the propagandakanaal al-Furqan. Al-Baghdadi could also be a dead Belgian have named.

It is not yet clear when or where the video exactly was made, but Al-Baghdadi refers to the struggle to Baghouz, which is now terminated.” Thus, he refers to one of the last losses of the caliphate in Syria on 23 march 2019, and he acknowledges the defeat. The video would be later than 23 march.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi mentions a number of figures, by name, who have played an important role in the creation of IS, ” says terreurexpert Pieter Van Ostaeyen. ‘He also mentions a Belgian name. That has played a major role in the mediadepartement. The fact that the IS leader to him by name, it means that he is an important figure in my life.”

The Belgian has since fallen. Where, how and when that happened, Van Ostaeyen not say. ‘May is a student from Antwerp who cometh in the mediadepartement. But I can’t substantiate.’ The fact that in the video the defeat at Baghuz stated, means, according to Van Ostaeyen that it is a relatively recent recording.

If the images are authentic turn out to be, it would be the second time that Al-Baghdadi on video. There were earlier messages sent out into the world, but it is very difficult to determine how authentic these are. On images from 2014 was to see how Al-Baghdadi the caliphate proclaimed. In the most recent video, a man who is very on Al-Baghdadi seems to be with the legs crossed next to a kalashnikov and speaks of masked adherents. ‘The struggle of islam against christianity is long,” he says. ‘The battle for Baghouz is over, but it illustrates the brutality of the christians against the muslims.’ It is up to the intelligence services to determine whether it is indeed Al-Baghdadi goes on the images.

Recent video

The man also discusses political events of the past few weeks, as the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir in Sudan and the resignation of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algeria. At the end of the video disappears, the image briefly, and on an audio recording to hear how Al-Baghdadi, about the attacks in Sri Lanka. This recording was presumably later added the video. On 21 april resulted in more than 300 deaths during attacks on various churches and tourist spots in Sri Lanka. According to Al-Baghdadi were those attacks are a response to the lost battle in Baghouz. He had to know that revenge will take for the kill and swords of IS-fighters.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was repeatedly pronounced dead. In september last year the man would be a coup to have survived of his fighters. After a severe battle of two days would be the coupplegers the worst of it have been mined and those who survived were executed. Al-Baghdadi himself fled into the wilderness, and for a long time it was unclear whether the man was still alive. With this video would want to prove that their leader is still alive.

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