Known Flanders shines on Antwerp 10 Miles

1c1dbcf3a36e7c0213339662bbfc1c50 - Known Flanders shines on Antwerp 10 Miles

Among others, Natalia and Jef Neve were afternoon, present at the Antwerp 10 Miles. The duo comes not only on the stage is very similar, also private click well between Natalia and Jef Neve. The two ran the Antwerp 10 Miles. Natalia took 1 hour, 34 minutes and 2 seconds and that was slightly faster than Jef Neve that there is 16 seconds longer. Comedian Geert Hoste ran the distance in a time of 1 hour, 48 minutes and 20 seconds, Joke Van de Velde was satisfied with her 1 hour, 26 minutes and 47 seconds. Also, Tia Hellebaut and Aagje Vanwallegem were of the party, Aagje took 1 hour, 18 minutes and 9 seconds. Also three participants from Blind Married were among the thousands of participants can be spotted. Jolene Baeten explained the 16 km in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 47 seconds, also Line Verckist and Stijn Van Goethem were by this time satisfied. A thick plume also for Celien Deloof, the singer walked the 10 miles in 2 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds, and there you can proud of!

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