Indonesia’s plan capital to move

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Indonesia has re-the plan announced to Jakarta to replace as the capital city. President Widodo wants the city to relieve the administrative centre to relocate, possibly to the island of Borneo.

The continued population growth, additional major congestion and regular flooding of Jakarta a less and less livable city. President Widodo has therefore officially let you know that he is a other capital would indicate. The relocation of the parliament and administrations would be the pressure on the city to remove.

Very concretely, the resident relocation plans yet. Yet it seems only clear that the new capital city on the scenic island of Borneo will be indicated. Leading contender seems to Palangkaraya, with more than two hundred thousand inhabitants. Former president Soekarno left the city in 1957 to build and even then there were plans to be here the seat of government to establish.

Widodo mirrors are plans on the choice of Brazil in 1960 Rio de Janeiro was replaced as capital by Brasília. Also this city is located much further inland and in a much more rural area. The president let it know that it is at least ten years can pass before a new capital is. In addition, also need investors to be found.

Symbolic choice

Kris Vanslambrouck is responsible for the Asia program of 11.11.11 and is just back from a working visit to Indonesia. ‘The resident relocation plans are already known. Soekarno had been here about two years ago suggested Widodo this during a campaign. I don’t think the population really wake up at night. If this is in Jakarta the files with, for example, a ten percent decrease, then I think everyone is satisfied.’

The time that this dossier back on the table, surprised Vanslambrouck somewhat. “I had the impression that the situation in Jakarta in the last few years to improve. The city is sinking while annually two millimeters, but there are a lot of channels are released and there is last month a new light rail service in operation. Also, do not forget that the city is very far.’

According to Vanslambrouck is the island of Java, the economic hub of Indonesia. The majority of the population lives there and the main companies are located there. “The rest of the country will now, perhaps, a sense of recognition, that Indonesia is more than just Java. It seems to me more a symbolic move than an actual solution to the problems in Jakarta. In this way, can be Widodo in addition, the books go down as the president that the capital has moved.’

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