Hundreds of stemmentellers in Indonesia die from exhaustion

f46d45a1828ccf0e1ebcae06521c46a7 - Hundreds of stemmentellers in Indonesia die from exhaustion

Certainly 270 employees of polling stations in Indonesia in the past ten days, died, mainly uitputtingsgerelateerde complaints. That said the chairman of the Indonesian election commission yesterday against the Reuters news agency. The elections of last week, the world’s largest, single-day, were held.

It is estimated that on april 17, about 155 million people in the archipelago voted. Because they at one time voted for all levels of government, each voter five ballots turned in.

The the 800,000 polling stations in the country must, therefore, in total, hundreds of millions of bills process. Seven million verkiezingswerkers count, all by hand. It was the first time that the elections for the presidency, the national parliament and the regioparlementen were combined.

Except for the estimated 272 employees by exhaustion died, were 1.878 verkiezingswerkers sick due to fatigue. The index is mainly driven by temporary forces carried out, according to the BBC. In contrast to civil servants, they need no medical examination to undergo before they can work. Most of the victims were older than forty years.

Only on 22 may, announced the presidential elections has won. Both sitting president Either Widodo as oppositiekandidaat Prabowo Subianto claimed victory already.

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