Experts ask to Notre Dame not too soon to re-open

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The ambition of the French president Emmanuel Macron to the Notre-Dame cathedral within five years to fully recover, experts worried. A group of more than 1,000 architects, restorers and academics, calls for certainly not rushed to procede, and everything according to the rules of the art to make it happen.

In an open letter, published in the newspaper Le Figaro, they ask to not be under the guise of efficiency, the complex reasoning behind this yard from the table to wipe. Enough time should be taken to ‘the right path’ to choose, and only then can a deadline be given for ‘exemplary restoration’.

The French government announced that the restoration of the Notre-Dame, the possible exceptions would be allowed in the law for the restoration of monuments. Such things as consulting experts and get permission of all sorts of committees would not be necessary to make the recovery quicker to be able to continue. But the experts warn to the professional code of ethics not just to flout. ‘Forsake not the erfgoeddeskundigen’, they argue.

In the list of 1,170 signatories are the curators of large French buildings, but also academics from abroad. Also a number of people connected to the Belgian universities have their signature under the document.

On the evening of Monday, april 15, fire broke out in the cathedral in Paris. The damage is huge. So, the roof is completely lost. The structure of the building is preserved.


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