Dozens killed in floods in Indonesia

1c36cfb972a2bd3d432e63f819c40705 - Dozens killed in floods in Indonesia

When there are floods and landslides caused by torrential rains in Indonesia almost 40 deaths. Still a lot of others are missing. Report this to the authorities Monday.

In the meantime, thousands of people evacuated: 12,000 inhabitants in the province of Bengkulu on Sumatra and 2,000 in Jakarta. Hundreds of buildings, bridges and roads are damaged. Noodaccommodatie was set up. Hundreds of cattle have also perished.

Mudslides and flooding are common in the archipelago of South-east Asia, which is prone to natural disasters, especially during the monsoonal season between October and april.

The authorities explained that the impact of bad weather on Sumatra, exacerbated by the illegal extraction of coal, the soil weakens and landslides favors.

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