Zelenski prepared with Putin to discuss situation in Eastern Ukraine

3ba5f5fabe4246bbe4a96e64c012de6b - Zelenski prepared with Putin to discuss situation in Eastern Ukraine

The future Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenski is willing to talk with Moscow about the conflict in the east of Ukraine. That Sunday he made clear, one day after the Russian president Putin is already such a signal had been sent.

Putin had on Saturday declared that the conflict in the east of Ukraine, the main topic of discussion would constitute a possible meeting with Zelenski. “I hope that Russia in the following Normandy-consultation (negotiations with Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany, ed.) a proof of his readiness to de-escalation’, responds Zelenski Sunday. ‘Once again I want to let you know that I am willing to negotiate.’

On Facebook took Zelenski also to the Russian leader. He suggested that few Ukrainians are willing to go in on the proposal, which, it is faster than the Russian nationality may acquire. “We, the Ukrainians, have freedom of speech. And the media and the internet are free in our country.’

Corrupt regimes

Zelenski, a former comedian, launched the offer to the Ukrainian nationality ‘to anyone who is suffering under authoritarian and corrupt regimes. In the first place to the Russians, who nowadays suffer the most.”

Putin had on Wednesday a decision was signed, which residents of the separatist-controlled areas in Donetsk and Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, much easier, with a Russian passport can be obtained. Saturday made Putin also clear that he think about it to that measure, to extend to all Ukrainians.

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