Trump pulls out to ‘third-rate actor’ Jussi Smollett

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Trump pulls out to ‘third-rate actor’ Jussi Smollett

28 april 2019 09:42
28-04-19 09:42
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The American president Donald Trump, the former Empire-actor Jussi Smollett a third-rate actor called America to shame. That did Trump in the night from Saturday to Sunday during a verkiezingstoespraak in Wisconsin.

Jussi Smollett claimed on 29 January to be attacked with his masked attackers something racist shouted about MAGA country, a reference to Trumps slogan Make America Great Again. It could be inferred that Smollett by Trump supporters would be attacked.

“I had never of the term MAGA heard until this third-rate actor in Chicago came out and said ‘I’m beaten up by MAGA country’. Do you believe that? It turned out to be a total lie”, the president said, followed by cheers by his audience. Trump continued: “by the way, that thing in Chicago is really a shame for our country.”

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