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STVV tackles in last-minute point against Beerschot Wilrijk

4bbe8ffdc7912b97c87ef6fd3f4d5485 - STVV tackles in last-minute point against Beerschot Wilrijk

It was just not. Both the first thuisnederlaag of STVV as the first away win of Beerschot Wilrijk in Play-off 2. Tissoudali and Prychynenko brought the Rats, however, on a double lead, but goals from Sylla and Sekine (in injury time) to put the final score on the scoreboard: 2-2.

The game started out pretty equal, erect, with slightly more possession for the home team. Chances fell in the first quarter not to write it down. After a afgeweerde corner of STVV, checked The Keersmaecker the ball with the chest. The leather jump for the foot of Van Hyfte, who immediately Tissoudali deep sent from the own half. Dutchman was faster on the ball than Pirard, omspeelde quiet the goalkeeper and put the ball in the empty goal. Beerschot Wilrijk unexpectedly on lead.

The home team came closest to a goal when Jimmy De Jonghe his own doelmal almost by surprise with a low header. Much further than a threat via a number of vrijschoppen around the penalty area from Beerschot Wilrijk came to STVV. If they are anyway, until a shot came, there was a thoughtful keepende Vanhamel to reduce the risk to return.

The young Brian De Keersmaecker, who already have a few good games, to score behind his name, if for the first time at a race start. And he did it extremely well, with a courage and presence as if he has been owner. Both in the interaction as in the finish he allowed himself to be in a positive sense, notice. So was goalkeeper Pirard to scramble to a plaatsbal in a corner, to push. Even later was De Keersmaecker twice to the cannon, but again brought Pirard salvation through the ball in a corner, to push. Meanwhile, Sint-Truiden, belgium, the sloppy pile up, especially in the zone of truth.

With peace in sight, carried the team to the press, but it was goalkeeper Vanhamel never really in trouble. Further than two disallowed goals for offside and handplay), came to the People.

Also after the rest remained Beeerschot Wilrijk well organized and eager to play and always to footballing, look for solutions at the uitverdedigen. After a little more than an hour to play if Prychynenko a vrijschop stairs. His shot disappeared through the wall in the farthest corner. 0-2.

A few minutes later, Sint-Truiden anyway for an answer. Sylla was central to a lot of freedom, switched Grisez, and laid the 1-2 pass Vanhamel. A few minutes later, after the intervention of the VAR, the ball on the dot is under the influence handplay. Daichi sat behind the ball, but shot next to it.

Also now remained Beerschot Wilrijk forward play as it could and for risk ensure, especially through a very active Tissoudali. During the slotkwartier conducted STVV the press. It seemed that Beerschot Wilrijk a first victory in the Play-Off 2 would pull in. Placca was incorrect gagged without the referee’s intervention. After it was just announced that there will be six minutes of extra time would be added, scored Sekine in the first minute of stoppage time at the end. So were the six heavy minutes for Beerschot Wilrijk, because Sint-Truiden wanted obviously more. Still loved the team of Stijn Vreven courageously and picked up a point to the Keel.

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