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RChain is a fraud victim – KuCoin lock Wallet Coin Hero

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RChain is a fraud victim – KuCoin locks Wallet

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Matthias Nemack –

The provider of the RHOC Coins inform investors and customers about a current case of fraud. KuCoin thereupon blocked the involved Wallet.

Coin-a provider of Criminal hoodwinked

Current is reported in various sites that the company RChain is a victim of fraud. The provider is not signed up to last for RHOC Coin responsible, with the company of Bitcoin or Ripple competition wanted to make. The weekend was now known that RChain had to put customers and partners on a case of fraud. In consequence, the stock exchange had blocked KuCoin based in Singapore for the time being, Wallet, which is apparently, according to the first investigation, in fact, have been involved. This may not be the Wallet provider itself to blame; for the measure you saw in the home KuCoin nevertheless forced, in order to prevent worse damage.

Millions of Coins were instructed to Wallet

What is happening now, exactly? RChain had taken a fiduciary transaction in attack, after they had met briefly earlier with potential investors. Said investors had, in the context of the conversations, to recognize, to transfer cash to the company’s escrow account – in exchange for 11 million RHOC-units, which should be transferred to the investors Wallet. Said and done, the exchange was perfect. Unfortunately, RChain noted then that it was in the Transfer from the account of the investors is a fake. The company took the following not only directly in contact with the FBI and Italian authorities, but also the Partner KuCoin. The latter led in a timely manner the blocking of the Wallet. The value of the transferred Coins was about $ 300,000.

It shows, once again, Criminals are not only the customers of brokers and crypto-exchanges compared to the opportunities for theft can perceive. Also, the editor of the Coins are by no means immune to completely. Also you can get the growth the market unexpectedly in the role of victim.

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