New album for Freddy Davis

952507d8053ce1a3ae88d62607e8791f - New album for Freddy Davis

Freddy Davis brought just launched a new album out. With only the title “19 times in the heart” are no more words needed. One of the 19 songs is a duet with his daughter Sanne. Indeed, that is the song “Think of those sunny days”. The followers of Dana Winner, will perhaps “On the roof of the world” recognize this. Some other highlights of this brand new album are o.a. “My little Vlaanderenland” and his most recent single “The sun in my eyes”.
The album in a production of D & V is available to download, but he is also physically available. The album “19 times in the heart” by Freddy Davis you can buy it here.

(Nico Vanaken)

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