Monday poignant images in The Embassy

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“If there is a dustcarts arrive with a cargo of the wealthy neighborhoods, then fight the poor people with the pigs and vultures.”
Consul-general Jean-Paul is in The Embassy, faced with a distressing situation in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

In the third installment of The Embassy’s visiting consul-general Jean-Paul a slum in Rio de Janeiro to the promising project of a fellow countryman to evaluate. His visit is not without danger, because Rio is in a permanent state of war and in the favelas remains the violence of years of increase. On arrival, the confrontation with the distressing situation in the favela is very hard: 20,000 poor families live here on an illegal dump and have to live with less than 1 dollar per day. “This is one of the most horrible places in the world that I have ever seen”, says Jean-Paul.

Consul Hilde holds a clinic for fellow countrymen with administrative questions and problems in Mombasa. Improvising comes with the job, because not everywhere are all the necessary amenities present. To make it as comfortable as possible, they have all their material at a local bar of a fellow countryman.

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