Meghan Markle wearing corrective underwear Suits

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The die-hard Suits-viewers mourn for the departure of the newly born royal Meghan Markle. By her marriage with the British prince Harry she pulled the doors of the law firm’s final behind her back.
But at VTM, the viewers will still not say goodbye to the duchess of Sussex. From Sunday, 28 april, VTM in the sixth season of Suits, which they still have the role of Rachel Zane played. Time to 6 facts about Meghan Markle in Suits on a row.

A British secret agent watched over the safety of Meghan Markle during her days on the set of Suits. That said, her actor Wendell Pierce: “I believed the first time. But I turned around and suddenly there was a man from MI5 on the set”.

Meghan Markle actually has a different first name than they are in the media. Coincidence or not, she has the same first name as her character Rachel Zane. Officially called the actress Rachel Meghan Markle, but she prefers in the daily life of her second name.

Meghans character Rachel Zane is known for her stylish looks and enviable wardrobe in Suits. But Meghan revealed that she is under her tight pencil skirts ever corrective underwear wore.
This is what they about told: “People look at me as if I was always as classy as Rachel Zane from the series. But Rachel Zane from the series is equal to two hours for hair and make-up and corrective action by wearing underwear”.

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