Family Van Neygen lives all add to the festive year 2020

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On Sunday 19 april 2020 15 pm give Erik Van Neygen & Sanne, together with their daughter Maartje Van Neygen a concert on the occasion of 30 years of “too beautiful”. The beautiful show will take place at CC Gildhof, Sint-Michielstraat 9 to Tielt. This trio is supported by musicians Philip and Peter and string orchestra ‘N’uncle d’arte’ under the supervision of Wim Spaepen.

A 30-year career, celebrate, do you do vanzelsprekend by your greatest hits. “Too beautiful”, will of course not be missing in the setlist… The duo plays it after all these years, still as happy and the fans are never bored. In addition to those super-sized hit during this unique concert also all the other great successes expect: the duets as “my darling” and “What you deeply affects”, but also solonummers as “Ticket to Eden” and “Land of the two of us”, in which the second voice of Erik or Sarah, the soloist seamlessly completes.

It’s not just the well known songs that are mentioned. Erik & Sanne have a multitude of songs to draw from, their repertoire includes so many beautiful songs that are unknown to the general public. Also during this concert tour out there for some of it to bid.

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