Countdown to tv-series about the murder on Van Looy

e07a1cca3efbf6ec41ce77a24df02f06 - Countdown to tv-series about the murder on Van Looy

Singer and presenter Van Looy, is murdered, found in the pond of his friend Tomas De Soete. The police suspect The Sweet of the murder. So begins the fiction series Fiskepark, a quirky parody of the ‘true crime’ genre: documentaries about real criminal matters. The genre became popular thanks to succesreeksen as Making a Murderer and Amanda Knox, and is also available every Monday to see on Canvas. Fiskepark is a series of Filip Lenaerts (Tytgat chocolat) and Yuri Spots starring among others, Are Van Looy, Tomas De Soete, Jan Jaap van der Wal and Siska Schoeters.

The seven-part series will be broadcast from Wednesday, may 15 at 21.20 you. on Canvas and is available in full on VRT NOW.

“It’s not very often that we at Canvas own fiction series can offer”, says network manager Olivier Goris. “But if that happens, then it is always something special. I am proud that we are after Bevergem, Clinch, The 16 and Generation B. re-extract with fiction that is unabashedly outside the lines colors. Fiskepark is a fiction series in the style of a documentary genre that itself makes use of the rules of a fiction series. Fiskepark is ‘fake true crime’, a parody of a popular kind of documentaries that we at Canvas regular programming. Self-deprecating humor is always healthy. That is certainly true for the characters in the series and the environments where they stand: the celebrities, the media, the press, the judiciary, the police, the esotericism. All worlds that are there in Fiskepark quite pulled through. But Fiskepark is also much more, it is a series that rub, that hurts sometimes, which is exciting. It is a series that you’re rushing, out of your comfort zone. That is also Canvas. That the creators of the series great is well understood and done a fantastic job!”

Tomas De Soete, was once a radio and televisiegod, but during the last years what to the background disappeared. The last months he is working in his man cave in a recreation area Polderput making a comeback.
Polderput consists of dozens of fishing lakes with caravans and summer cottages along the banks of the river Scheldt. It is an ideal place for the weekend to spend together with family and friends. When Tomas there are two kantoorcontainers neerpoot and there are new production company Fiskepark up, he makes new friends, but also enemies.

On a morning Are Van Looy, was found dead in the fishing pond of The Sweet, with a hatchet in his head. All indications are that Tomas and his friend Are the header has taken. ‘Professional jealousy’ blokletteren the newspapers. Tomas tries the suspicion to shake off by getting more and more of his personal life, fears and problems publicly. In vain, it will prove to be: he seems to be already convicted for the research, let alone a lawsuit is completed. Tomas’ life is a true nightmare.

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