Cinderella goes on a journey!

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This afternoon played the cast of ‘Cinderella’ the last presentation of this fairy tale familiemusical. The preliminary final. As from 13 October is the ‘Cinderella’ on a journey through the whole country. From mid-October to the end of december means the carriage of Cinderella stop in Turnhout, belgium Leopoldsburg, Alsemberg, Roeselare, Sint-Truiden, Leuven, belgium, Puurs, Heist-op-den-Berg, Ninove, Bornem and Kortrijk. On november 11, we come once more back to Antwerp, and exit do we do with the bells and whistles in the Plopsa Theater in De Panne. There you can not only of the performance to enjoy, but there is a cheap combi-ticket with ‘Winter Magic’ in Plopsaland.

Helle Vanderheyden put a fantastic Cinderella down. Thomas Van Goethem has been fixed prince and do that now, again excellent. The roguish duo of Fien and Titus, played by the inimitable Jasmine Jaspers and Laurenz Hoorelbeke, get again and again the whole room. Fien and Titus are funny, sometimes a bit naughty and very, very green. Wanda Joosten is a generous Queen and Nicoline Hummel makes every show for carriage, dress, and magic. Mart Van den Hout, who is also responsible for the direction and, together with Thomas Van Goethem, the script revised,is the perfect host for a show that from beginning to end, large and small, know how to captivate. For the reisvoorstelling joins Jervin Weckx the cast as alternate Baudouin and Prince.

Time and time again to enjoy little princesses and princes with the fullest of this beautiful fairy tale. The show is enchanting, with a lot of humor, catchy singalong songs, and colorful costumes. The kids can sing along and dance along, and after the performance, everyone can still join in on the photo.

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