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Chelsea going with a point away at Manchester United thanks to flaterende The Gea

ac91d74f4decaabefdfe425ea10b8a5d - Chelsea going with a point away at Manchester United thanks to flaterende The Gea

Manchester United could be in your own home not to win in the top match against Chelsea. The Reds remain sixth, one point from Arsenal and three from Chelsea, which is fourth. United will be left with 1 on 9, Chelsea gets only one point more. Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku were ninety minutes on the field.

Manchester United had in their own home what’s right to convert after the 4-0 defeat last week to Everton. Chelsea was after a 1-to-6 against Burnley (2-2) and Liverpool (2-0) in a dip.

The match started furious for The Reds. After ten minutes it was Mata the Mancunians the lead. Romelu Lukaku gave the ball along nicely with Shaw, who at one time wide put on Mata and the 1-0 was on the board. The game went back and forth and that made for some opportunities. When United was especially Lukaku the bedrijvigste man. Chelsea took over after twenty minutes the game is over and could be threatened by Hazard and William, but the finish was lacking.

United took the game back over and that momentum should Matic are both hands to kiss that there are no VAR’s in England after a clear elbow on Azpilicueta. Manchester seemed to be ahead of the rest to go, but then flaterde The Gea. First, parried, he is still the shot of Rüdiger, but Alonso was well followed to the discharged ball in goal to push.

In the second half began United as the first one, but this time forgot the score. William continued to be the main man at Chelsea, Lukaku disappeared into the background at United-just like Paul Pogba, who in the beginning of the week was chosen in the Team of the Year. The spelbeeld diluted and William was not lucky that he has not had to go to hospital. Rojo was packed by the feet of the Brazilian, and only got yellow. Lukau tried yet, but saw his effort flagged. Higuain could egg so after the winning match for Chelsea, but this time it was The Gea in the lesson. So keep both clubs mired in the standings.

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