Army and opposition forms transitional body in Sudan

7ce444f67e20d072313514d45af0c569 - Army and opposition forms transitional body in Sudan

In Sudan the military transitional council (ntc) and the opposition Saturday even touched on the establishment of a joint body in which both the army and civilians will be sitting. That body should be the country through the difficult transition phase, pilots are now dictator Omar al-Bashir is deposed. It is a principebeslissing, since there are still no agreements were made about the composition of the board.

The agreement was signed during a meeting of a joint committee, which until Wednesday was created to find solutions for the issues between the army and the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, a paraplugroepering of the opposition. There is now further discussion about the relationships within the joint body.

Supporters of the opposition camp since april 6, outside the headquarters of the army. They demanded previously with success the resignation of president Omar al-Bashir, who on april 11 by the military was taken off. But they also don’t want to know of the military transitional council (ntc) since the country leads.

A few days ago, have accused various opposition groups, the army of ‘a lack of seriousness ” in the transfer of power to a civilian government. According to the protesters put the army the policy of Bashir continued.

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