A lot of people on a festive performance ‘t Clean Floor

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The Comedy Company closes the theatre season with a refreshing theateradaptatie of “OUT of ORDER” by Ray Cooney. A lot of attendees wanted this premiere Saturday night for no money missing. Everyone was of course curious how the piece would walk away with a female mayor in the lead role. A number of mediators could also be spotted on the red carpet. So came the last female mayor of Antwerp, mrs. Leona Detiège the cast with An Nelissen, Dirk Van vooren, Manou kersting, Jits Van Belle, Roel Vanderstukken, Christophe Stienlet, Ivo Pauwels, Jeron dewulf, and Jan Van den Bosch is a heart under the belt stitches. ‘t Clean Floor is to be seen until may 19 in the Theater Elckerlyc.

This operation, and at the same time, new creation, based on the original farce ‘Out of order’ from 1990 and written by the English komedieschrijver Ray Cooney, is for the first time in Flanders. The action takes place in Antwerp in a hotel suite (or clean floor) of an elegant hotel and revolves around a found corpse caused by a defective sash window. If that don’t look like out the window of the suite and hang out, then would the night be filled with laughter, booze and sex. But fortunately, there is still the personal assistant of the mayor, who is the wrong man at the right place to get the mess to clean up, literally and figuratively! Because at the end of the day the mayor a reputation to keep. All of it will be a challenge to make this happen…

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