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The festival season has started with the return of Groezrock

eca12c8e3f2422dd2c4c04cda4c07491 - The festival season has started with the return of Groezrock

Groezrock is back after a sabbatical year in 2018. The opening of the exhibition with, among others, Jawbreaker, Coheed and Cambria, and of the Belgian side, Brutus and Amenra attracted around 6,000 visitors.

The comeback of the punk – and hardcorefeest Groezrock is there a with a little custom programming. There are still big names on the poster, but in addition, there is a conscious choice to have more space – literally, with five instead of three stages – to give to young talent and acts that, until now, what under the mainstream radar continued or not yet (often) in Belgium were.

Also the headliner of Friday, Jawbreaker, actually fits in that concept. The American band teetering somewhere on the line between punk and emo, and that was just one of the most influential acts of the nineties.

Just as quickly they disappeared again, only two years ago, again to emerge and now for the first time in 25 years Europe tour, not coincidentally, with Groezrock first appointment. ‘As the meeting organizer you can hang on the touring schedules of bands to your poster to make, ” says programmator Hans Maes. “But Jawbreaker has his tour schedule on us are reconciled.’

For Jawbreaker if progrockband Coheed and Cambria the audience to the main stage treat you to a little harder work, all that in combination with the falsettostem of lead singer Claudio Sanchez. Elsewhere were the popular Belgian acts Brutus – with new album “Nest” under the arm and Amenra the personification of the fact that metal is becoming more and more a place conquered at the Groezrock poster.

Today is it for the festival goers among others, still look forward to punkrockgrootheden Dropkick Murphys and Millencolin.

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